New Song Artwork – “Matt Murdock” Releasing February 8th

My new record “Matt Murdock” produced by Dom? from my first album/project “One Hell of An Internship” will be releasing on February 8th. Video coming within a few weeks. Stay Posted

Shouts out to Hannah Batren for the painting and Thana Dickens for the graphic design.


The Kids Are Dancing

I’m at a family gathering. It’s not my family.
At least, not by blood.
But in this moment I feel as though
we are family.
We are united here because of the passing
of Freeman’s grandfather.
Death is cold and harsh
yet we have found someway to laugh together
To be happy together.
And me not being bound by blood makes this moment even more significant, they have taken me in.
The grandfather even officially welcomed me into the family on Xmas
I love these people.
The children are dancing in a joyous circle of innocence and optimism.
It gets no better than that.