“LOST” by SHE of W.A.R. Entertainment


“LOST” by rising R&B artist SHE, the latest signee to DMV upstart label W.A.R. Entertainment, was released onto Souncloud on May 20, 2015. “LOST” is the narrative of a young girl trying to navigate heartbreak, lofty dreams and ambitions as well as the common struggle of finding her place in this big blue world. SHE’s poetic and jazz inspired delivery meshes with the hip-hop, electronic, and R&B sonic landscapes crafted by uprising producers such as Jay Alii, Saz.É and MK Beats. Her features show up and bolster SHE’s themes with their individual yet dynamic approaches to flow and lyrics. SHE is one to watch, and W.A.R. Entertainment are poised to do some fucking dope ass shit, nigga!!