About Saz.É

Saz Kicking it

Saz.É, real name Osaze O. Akerejah, was born on the 31st of January in the year 1992. He was born to a Nigerian father and an African American mother. He grew up in the suburb of Franklin, New Jersey with two older brothers. His eldest brother introduced him to NaS in 1994 by way of the acclaimed “Illmatic” album sparking his interest in music and hip-hop at an early age. By the age of 6, Akerejah had extended his knowledge of hip-hop, adopted his first rap alias, O-Man and begun constructing very rudimentary lyrics. But as he transitioned into higher grades his dream of music took a backseat to the new desire to become an influential zoologist.

His passion for music reignited in seventh grade as his parents’ divorce battle began to worsen. “At that point, there was a lot of pain in the household, I was staying with my father and the younger of my older brothers. In retrospect, its like I began writing again to cope with what felt like grave turmoil. I was getting emotionally damaged by discussions with my mother, it’s like I needed a place to store my feelings while the reality of the situation started turning me cold and stoic.” he says. Middle school saw more musical advancement as he joined forces with best friends Freeman McGaw and Najee Nunez to form a rap group called F-Town Dips (Franklin Township Diplomats). More members were added (later lost) and the faction recorded their first mixtape entitled “Jr. Diplomats” the summer of 2006.


The group officially disbanded in 2008 and Saz.É continued to pursue a solo career with best friend Freeman serving as his DJ under the name of DJ Freeez. Najee Nunez continued to be a frequent collaborator under the name of S.G. Yung, also pursuing a solo career. All men set out on to different paths of success but continued to remain best friends. In the fall of 2008 Saz.É got further attention upon releasing a song entitled “Brunette Devil” on his Myspace page. The song told the scathing story of Saz.É’s reaction to a cheating girlfriend. The song was acclaimed by locals and launched him into a state of high school popularity, getting rave reviews at showcases. “Yeah, “Brunette Devil”…that’s that shit! [laughs]. People thought it was about a real girl but nah, I was just in my zone with the story telling. It surprised me how well it was received, from my high school to a Harvard theater full of people from all around the world. Nuts. It let me know that I had an appeal within my emotional depth.”

His first mixtape DjFreeez Presents…Saz.É’s The Little Black Boxx was released in 2010, and was acclaimed by locals. The mixtape further showcased Saz.É’s versatility, lyrical dexterity and overall craft for creating music. He then went on to attend Brandeis University in Boston, Massachusetts where he amassed a college fan base and continued to work on bigger more ambitious projects. His second mixtape DjFreeez Presents…Saz.É’s Invincible Tomorrow was released on February 21, 2012 with critics commenting on Saz.É’s evolution in terms of song craft, as well as his attention to lyrical detail and emotional relevance.


He began music production/composition/arranging/mixing in September of 2012, adding another arm to his arsenal and released a third mixtape entitled “The Resume” in December of that year to further acclaim, the project was noted for Saz.É’s ear for melody, unique approach to contemporary subject matter, and spike in confidence, with many noting Saz.E’s officially coming into his own. “2012 took my musical obsession to new heights because I started engineering my own music and started producing instrumentals. It just threw me in a whole new world, putting music together became somewhat spiritual for me, there’s something about creating music that’s so close to God, to build a song from scratch is like Genesis, let their be drums, let their be chords, and so on and so forth. Shit crazy”

He graduated from Brandeis University in 2014 with a degree in philosophy and moved down to Maryland to reunite with his best friend and DJ, DJ Freeez. He soon got a teaching position at a local school and soon linked up with DMV upstart lablel WAR Ent headed by Jay Alii and Pat Stacks. He Released his debut, self-produced album “Sundown Therapy”in November of 2015 to much acclaim.

Final Words:

“I really want to help these kids, man. Like, I’m a kid who suffered with emotional issues, self-esteem issues and depression and heartbreak, loss and all kinds of darkness and trauma that most, if not all, of us come in contact with. As an artist I have a unique gift to speak to my generation, to move my generation, to try and heal and empower my generation. That’s what God put me here for. I want to plant seeds for the future and rock the fuck out while I do so.”



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