“Whats Up Hold Up Look Up” by S x S NOW AVAILABLE

The fourth single from Indie Alternative Hip-Hop duo S x S is a hard-hitting, atmospheric banger dissecting aspects of society and politics through the story of an alien crash landing on Earth. The nimble flows, intricate lyrics and sticky hook are sure to resonate with you.









“Runnin'” by S x S is NOW AVAILABLE

The third single from Indie alternative hip-hop duo S x S settles into an infectiously smooth groove with twinkling keys and lush bass lines, laying the sound-bed for SazE’s vivid lyrics about relationships and different stages of life.



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New Music: “Bungalow on the Beach” By S x S

bungalow on the beach_2017-08-14

The debut single from Indie Hip-Hop duo S x S is a breezy, rhythmic record diving into reach for opulence from the all too real position of financial turmoil and uncertainty. The muscular drums and atmospheric guitar work create a potent sound-bed.

Forming in New York City, indie hip-hop duo S x S finds New Jersey-bred rapper, songwriter, singer and producer Saz.E joining forces with Chicago-bred producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Don to craft a cutting edge brand of hip-hop music, running influences from different walks of music through their own unique sonic filter in an approach and style all their own. The duo aims to make music that is compelling on both a content level and a sonic level in a way that can deeply penetrate, resonate, entertain and thrill.