“Runnin'” by S x S is NOW AVAILABLE

The third single from Indie alternative hip-hop duo S x S settles into an infectiously smooth groove with twinkling keys and lush bass lines, laying the sound-bed for SazE’s vivid lyrics about relationships and different stages of life.



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#NEWMUSIC “XX-ONE” by Saz.É (Produced by Saz.É)

#NEWMUSIC “XX-ONE” by Saz.É (Produced by Saz.É). Check it out. 
There are frustrations that come along with being a 21 year-old college student with lofty dreams that break away from the norm of the folks around you, parents, friends, etc. The pressures. The insecurities. The angst. And having to find the strength to over come. As we all come of age we can relate more and more to this.