“Whats Up Hold Up Look Up” by S x S NOW AVAILABLE

The fourth single from Indie Alternative Hip-Hop duo S x S is a hard-hitting, atmospheric banger dissecting aspects of society and politics through the story of an alien crash landing on Earth. The nimble flows, intricate lyrics and sticky hook are sure to resonate with you.









“Runnin'” by S x S is NOW AVAILABLE

The third single from Indie alternative hip-hop duo S x S settles into an infectiously smooth groove with twinkling keys and lush bass lines, laying the sound-bed for SazE’s vivid lyrics about relationships and different stages of life.



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“Gotta Lotta” by S x S Out NOW!

“Gotta Lotta”, the second release from indie alternative hip-hop duo S x S revolves around escapism and how moments of bliss can, unfortunately, be rather fleeting. SazE’s lyrics tackle depression and the pursuit of peace of mind, as his intricate flows and melodies float over the atmospherically aggressive, and blissful production. Available on all Streaming Services!






The Kids Are Dancing

I’m at a family gathering. It’s not my family.
At least, not by blood.
But in this moment I feel as though
we are family.
We are united here because of the passing
of Freeman’s grandfather.
Death is cold and harsh
yet we have found someway to laugh together
To be happy together.
And me not being bound by blood makes this moment even more significant, they have taken me in.
The grandfather even officially welcomed me into the family on Xmas
I love these people.
The children are dancing in a joyous circle of innocence and optimism.
It gets no better than that.



Joshua “Chino” Zhou


Some things are not fully understandable.
When the good die young we cannot help but wonder what kind of
world it is that we walk in.
Joshua “Chino” Zhou was a good friend of mine since the early high school days.
We made music,
formed a strong friendship,
and more importantly formed a brotherhood.
I always wonder what could drive a man to murder.
Why must the good face gunfire and malice?
I knew Chino as a man free of all ill intention,
without a violent or malicious bone in his body.
Cold blood and heartless trigger fingers robbed my town
of one of it’s most genuinely good people.

Upon learning the news of his murder last night, I froze.

Frozen in disbelief, confusion and anguish.
Social networks saturated with love and remembrance of the man.
For many of us, it still feels surreal.
We awoke to dark clouds and rain.
I have never lost a close friend,
it’s an experience that begs for support and togetherness.
Josh, you were loved and will remain loved.

He was chasing his dreams,
cut down before his visions could come to fruition.
We all have a new perspective on vitality,
life truly is fragile.
We must continue to support each other,
be there for each other
and keep Josh in our hearts and minds.
He will live forever in his music and within us.

Friends and family will continue to dream chase on behalf of the man known by many as Chino.

We love you, fam.
We will celebrate your life.
Fly high. Golden halo.