New Music: “Bungalow on the Beach” By S x S

bungalow on the beach_2017-08-14

The debut single from Indie Hip-Hop duo S x S is a breezy, rhythmic record diving into reach for opulence from the all too real position of financial turmoil and uncertainty. The muscular drums and atmospheric guitar work create a potent sound-bed.

Forming in New York City, indie hip-hop duo S x S finds New Jersey-bred rapper, songwriter, singer and producer Saz.E joining forces with Chicago-bred producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Don to craft a cutting edge brand of hip-hop music, running influences from different walks of music through their own unique sonic filter in an approach and style all their own. The duo aims to make music that is compelling on both a content level and a sonic level in a way that can deeply penetrate, resonate, entertain and thrill.


“Sundown : Therapy” Album Releasing November 15, 2015

Today, October 4, 2015, I am elated to announce my forthcoming self-produced album “Sundown : Therapy”. Tentatively slated for release on November 15, 2015. On this project, I will revisit my turmoil of the past, analyze my issues of the present, and finally, attempt to figure out a way to heal. I do this with hopes to reach you, the listener. Given the world that we’re currently living in…it’s safe to say we are all definitely in need of some therapy. You and I are not too different. Pain is common to all of us. Stress is a state shared by all of us. And the desire to rise above it pulses deep within all of us. I witnessed my family crumble at a young age. My brother died during the coldest winter of my life. My other brother has been struggling with mental illness and substance abuse for years. I’ve lost family homes to foreclosure. Being broke will break you down. Close friends have died by gunfire in the suburbs. Depression and suicidal thoughts have loomed over my psyche for more than a decade. I know you have the storms you walk through. Let’s figure out how to heal ourselves, together.

I began rapping at age 6, and began creating as a producer at age 20. In this life I have triumphed tremendously and suffered greatly. Over the course of these 23 years I have evolved, both as a human being and a musician. I no longer want to embody the silly rap game tropes. I don’t want to create music simply talking about how much cooler I am than you. I want to propose commentary on the trivial and shallow things (I love a good fuckin’ time) but without emptily glorifying them. I’m not here to make you feel bad about not living the lifestyle the media tells you to idolize; this is not my job. I am here to keep those kids from jumping off of the roof. I’m here to get heads nodding, toes tapping, fists pumping, and hearts singing honestly without any fear. I want to help us all love ourselves, and find the real “cool” in marching to the beat of your own drum. We’re going to rebel, we’re going to jam out, we’re going to do our own thing, and look, feel and sound pretty damn awesome at the same time. SUNDOWN : THERAPY is coming. 

Cover art work created by Scissors Balancier of the Dopamine Clinic. Graphic design by Thana Dickens

“LOST” by SHE of W.A.R. Entertainment


“LOST” by rising R&B artist SHE, the latest signee to DMV upstart label W.A.R. Entertainment, was released onto Souncloud on May 20, 2015. “LOST” is the narrative of a young girl trying to navigate heartbreak, lofty dreams and ambitions as well as the common struggle of finding her place in this big blue world. SHE’s poetic and jazz inspired delivery meshes with the hip-hop, electronic, and R&B sonic landscapes crafted by uprising producers such as Jay Alii, Saz.É and MK Beats. Her features show up and bolster SHE’s themes with their individual yet dynamic approaches to flow and lyrics. SHE is one to watch, and W.A.R. Entertainment are poised to do some fucking dope ass shit, nigga!!



Track List:
1. Words from Zak Heffner
2. Double-0-7even Freestyle
3. Boom Ft. TC-Uno
4. Don’t Trip
5. I’m a Dreamer
6. On My Way
7. Winter Casualties Ft. King-F
8. Sometimes You Wanna (Be High) Ft. Erica Rabner
9. Worlds/Girls
10. Life on the Nickel Ft. Foster the People
11. Words from Saz,É
12. Lights Remix Ft. Alex Antonio
13. That Juice (Bonus Track) Ft. Chino