“Whats Up Hold Up Look Up” by S x S NOW AVAILABLE

The fourth single from Indie Alternative Hip-Hop duo S x S is a hard-hitting, atmospheric banger dissecting aspects of society and politics through the story of an alien crash landing on Earth. The nimble flows, intricate lyrics and sticky hook are sure to resonate with you.









The Morning After




-Written from a lost girl’s perspective

“The Morning After”

I feel like throwing up,
my hair, I’m holding up.

Can you please pass the bucket
and tell me “fuck it,
baby you’re still beautiful”.
Like how you did last night,
unless it was a lie
I’ve been lied to.
The dealer told me half a pill, why’d I try 2?
Call me crazy but I like you.
Last night I know I said things
But its hard hard to tell what’s real and what’s not while my head rings.
I can’t hear a thing, baby
The music was too loud, baby
The high had my whole body in a cloud, baby
I’m starting to come down, baby
…I’m starting to fall now, baby
(Fall where?)
Fall in love.
But I’ve never had the feeling,
I’m just guessin’.
Got some questions,
I know men that have used the word as a weapon.
They say they love me,
then they fuck me,
then they duck me.
He didnt want me.
I’ve got stains in my new dress.
The burn of vodka and cigarettes in my chest,
the smell of vodka and cigarettes in my hair, 
and you still hold me close up against your bare…
We got lost in the sin,
spilled liquor on my chin,
drip down and I’m drugged up,
was fucked up.
Too much sun coming up
through the blinds, no time.
I miss our night together,
last night I thought about spending our life together
Be on this flight forever.
Forever together,
I know I’ma mess but
you make me feel better
you talk,
I really wanna get involved
but it is your call
Maybe we should pause…
Slow down.